It is with great sadness that we advise that Early Start Programs will not be operational in 2021.  Unfortunately COVID-19 has made the face-to-face delivery of these programs difficult and as such we have made the difficult decision not to continue operations.

Early Start Programs is born from a desire to support educators in early education and care services to deliver quality extra-curricular programs which enhance learning outcomes for children in the early years. Coming from an education background our team is dedicated to providing a seamless approach to the delivery of quality programs and choose to only partner with experienced professional providers.

Our Programs

Delivered as incursion programs at early education and care services, our extracurricular programs allow children to participate in unique learning experiences in fun and relaxed environments.

The Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Music, Arts, Dance, and Drama.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity

Yoga, Sports, and Movement.

Foreign Languages

Foreign Languages

Age-appropriate language classes.


  • “An awesome program for the children encouraging a variety of sports and skills developing the children’s awareness, health and team work.”

    Letisha, Pre-school educator About Ready Steady Go Kids
  • “I like to do different things like racing, jumping, kicking and I like soccer. It makes my heart beat faster. It’s lots of fun.”

    Alex, aged 4 About Ready Steady Go Kids
  • “We went to the esplanade and Luca went straight up to the Ready Steady Go Kids sport circuit. We were surprised that Luka (Toddler) knew the Lady and what to do on this circuit.”

    Erina and Gulliver, Toddler parents About Ready Steady Go Kids
  • “We tap sticks and do choo choo trains. Stacey has different instruments and you get a stamp. She has a bee puppet too. You can sing and stomp your feet.”

    Savannah, aged 4 About Mini Maestros
  • “I like to see Ciara join the other children and do the music program”

     Crystal, Jnr-kindy parent About Mini Maestros
  • “Mini Maestros is beneficial for the children’s interest in music by introducing them to beats, rhymes and discovering techniques of tones and pitches.”

    Kylie, Jnr-Kindy educator About Mini Maestros
  • “This is FANTASTIC for a selling point when doing centre tours. Our families are talking with their friends about the added benefits of using our service, a big contributing factor is the Early Start Programs.”

    Centre Director Melbourne About Early Start Programs
  • “These programs provide additional stimulation outside the carer’s current skillsets. Given my child is in the centre a majority of the week the additional activities are the ones I would like to be exposing her to. I have noticed her engagement levels have increased and she is so excited to be going to day care. We are getting lots of lovely singing around the house and chat about her yoga”

    Parent comment - June 2015 About Early Start Programs
  • “I love the programs. As a mum with one child and not working I was able to do these activities away from Daycare. Now with 2 children and working full time I don't get the time to do. Now it is incorporated in my kids days, I think it’s a GREAT initiative - well done and THANK YOU”

    Parent comment - June 2015 About Early Start Programs
  • "I am very pleased that you have these programs running. My little boy comes home singing in Italian. I love the fact that he is being exposed to a range of things that I would not have been able to myself. I’m one happy parent!"

    Parent comment - June 2015 About Early Start Programs
  • “I wanted to say how thrilled I am that these programs have been running. It's an enormous benefit to my girls and they are sessions that I'd love to take them to if I wasn't working”

    Parent comment - June 2015 About Early Start Programs
  • “I think these programs are invaluable in developing essential skills that build a strong foundation for future learning and achievement”

    Parent comment - June 2015 About Early Start Programs