With huge competition in the childcare industry, parents know they can afford to have high expectations of their childcare service. Families are looking for a service with a valuable point of difference, and extracurricular programs are a great way to create this. Extracurricular activities like yoga, gardening and sports are gaining traction in the industry with good reason. You can provide immeasurable benefits to the children at your service and separate your business from the competition using these tips:

Why extracurricular programs?

Parents want to know that their child is receiving the best possible start to life with a focus on each child’s learning and development. Programs like music, yoga, dance, tennis, drama and language lessons aren’t just fun ways to pass the day, but also offer invaluable developmental benefits to young children. School readiness is a focus for most parents and extracurricular programs can help promote skills that will stand children in good stead when it comes time for starting formal schooling.

We know that word-of-mouth is by far the best form of marketing for your service., Having families talk about how your centre contributed to the increased growth, confidence and happiness of their child can give your occupancy a huge boost and position you as a service of choice in your area.

Take advantage of existing resources

Your team is your greatest asset, so when you start looking for ways to add value to your program, try to look within first. Perhaps you have a team member who is a skilled cook or someone who speaks a foreign language fluently – why not ask them to develop programs to teach children valuable skills? Using resources already available within the centre means cutting down significantly on costs.

Know when to outsource

Sometimes a truly valuable program requires experts that most centres just don’t have access to. Designing your own program is an excellent way to save, but it can take up a considerable amount of your time.

At Early Start Programs, we connect childcare services with fantastic creative arts, language and physical education programs that add great value for families. And it is actually cheaper than you think; at only $3.50 per child per day, it is an easily absorbed cost. Get in touch with us today to begin providing the children at your service with fun, play-based learning opportunities which are delivered in an inclusive way and include your wonderful educators in the delivery.

At Early Start Program we all BELONG!

children during Hey Dee Ho Music session as part of Early Start Programs
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