Commitment to Excellence – in numbers

ACECQA has published in November 2017, that for the first time, 75 percent of centres approved to operate under the National Quality Framework who’ve received a quality rating, have been awarded a “Meeting National Quality Standards” grade or above. Of services previously rated “Working Towards National Quality Standards.” Almost 70 percent of them have improved their overall rating upon reassessment. These numbers illustrate the evolution of the early childhood education and care industry, and how, as a whole, we now value a strong commitment to excellence and improvement.

Excellence as a Process

ACECQA also shared in the same newsletter issue how the first ever Family Day Care centre to be awarded the Excellent rating implement excellence as a process rather than a result at their service. While tips come from a FDC, the philosophy behind them can be applied to any early education and care service.

The most important takeaway from their processes is the clear focus on people, community, and relationships. From special interviews to assess whether prospective educators are a good fit for the centre, to daily mini meetings, managers constantly communicate with their team to identify problem areas and come up with solutions together.

Beyond staff, coordinators make a point to meet each family, and ensure educators do the same. The more a centre knows about a child and their lives outside the centre, the better they can support that child’s learning (1).

Early Start Programs

At Early Start Programs, we partner with long day care centres that take a similar approach to excellence. We see the great work already being done by passionate educators, who go through thorough recruitment processes as well as regular professional development programs, and we see the great communities formed by staff, children, and parents.

Our programs, which include yoga, sports, foreign languages, and music classes, act as an enhancement to our partner centres’ commitment to providing quality care. Feeback is that parents really appreciate this – they prefer centres that offer this extra value and see the great benefits in their children’s development.

If you want to make your centre stand out from the other centres in your area, get in touch with us today. At a cost of only $3.50/child/day, it is easily absorbed in daily fees. With some childcare fees expected to increase in the new year, you can add amazing value to families and not add to your workload – we take care of staffing, scheduling, and logistics. Contact us today!

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