children's foreign language programs, such as LCF Fun Languages help children with cognitive development

Being bilingual is a huge advantage in adulthood as it opens many professional opportunities. What most people don’t realise, however, is that there are incredible benefits of being immersed in a foreign language as a young child as well. Children’s foreign language programs boost child development in many different areas and, different to common belief, the earlier a child gets involved in learning a new language, the better for them.

While many parents believe learning a different language should be an activity for when their child is a little older and more confident in their first language, many studies show that the earlier a child is exposed to a foreign language, the higher their chances of becoming fluent. And not only that, but a second or even third language helps young children with cognitive development, critical thinking, creativity, vocabulary expansion, social skills, and confidence.

Foreign language for babies

While babies haven’t yet learnt how to talk, this is the stage of life when they are making sense of their world. New sounds and meanings are great to exercise their openness to leaning, and to language patterns, as these are skills children tend to lose as they grow older.

Toddlers and young children

At a young age, children are much more capable of imitating sounds and learning new pronunciation making it the best time for learning a new language.

The LCF Fun Language Program – one of the best children’s foreign language programs in the world, who partner with the Early Start Programs, helps children to develop empathy and curiosity for other cultures and ideas, as well as increasing critical thinking and creativity.

The program allows children to learn through play, where they are able to test out new language while having fun. While learning in a group, children also develop social skills, such as turn-taking and kindness.

Early Start Programs’ LCF Fun Languages provides an exciting opportunity for children to grow in a positive and exciting environment.

If you are interested in offering LCF Fun Languages or any other Early Start Program at your centre for 2018, now is the time to get in touch. Our team has extensive experience in the early education industry and will ensure a stress-free experience for you and most importantly a seamless implementation for your team.

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