The importance of undertaking extracurricular activities in early childhood development cannot be overstated, they give children fun opportunities to learn new life-skills and build confidence. These are essential, not only as they transition from early education to kindy and primary school, but also as children grow into healthy, happy adults.

The Early Start Programs are here to connect childcare centres with important programs that help shape children and set them up for a successful future.

The Creative Arts – Music, Art, Dance, Drama

Kids love performing, and music, dance and drama are consistent crowd favourites. Exposure to the creative arts can play an important part in assisting children to develop confidence, independence and creativity. Music, dance and drama help children to learn new skills in a playful and imaginative environment and allow them a different mode upon which to express their individuality.

Music lessons for young children is also a fun way to encourage language development, using rhyme and repetition to reinforce key concepts. Engaging musical experiences during early childhood development can have a great positive impact on children’s cognitive skills, help with coordination, motor skill development and can also increase their ability to learn language.

Drama programs help children to grow in confidence, develop social skills, and become better communicators, while dance offers an exciting way for young children to start forming connections between their body and brain, increasing gross motor skills and co-ordination.

Our creative arts partner programs provide a space for young children to grow in their abilities, becoming more confident while receiving a huge boost to their development.

Physical Activity

Engaging in physical activity during early years is for a must for healthy development and our programs support children in learning healthy habits and attitudes which will benefit them in later life. Playing sport helps young children develop their physical abilities in an exciting, yet non-competitive environment.

Planned physical activity is an excellent way to assist young children with developing hand-eye coordination and improving fine and gross motor skills. The national physical activity recommendations for children younger than five years include supervised floor-based play from birth, and at least three hours of activity every day past one year of age.

Ensuring young children regularly engage in physical activity is vital to child development, and is made easy with engaging programs provided by Early Start Programs.

Foreign Language

Foreign language programs provide an excellent opportunity for children to develop critical thinking skills and creativity. And while some parents might think that children should master their mother tongue before being exposed to other languages, research shows that it’s ‘the earlier the better’ when it comes to children learning new languages.

Young children excel at learning new sounds. At a young age, the brain is more open to new language patterns – unfortunately, this declines as we get older.

If you own or manage a centre, and would like to have our programs added to your curriculum in the new financial year, get in touch with us now to start the process. Our team has extensive experience in the early education and care sector and will ensure a stress-free experience for you, from program selection, to timetabling and communicating with your families. Simply let us know what programs you would like, and we will take care of the rest.

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