Movement and sports programs are gaining traction in the childcare industry –  and not without cause. Young children benefit hugely from physical education activities during the early years, as it provides them with unique opportunities and experiences to learn and develop not only physical abilities, but also life and social skills. In this article, we further explore the benefits of physical education as an extracurricular activity in the early years.

Developing movement and motor skills

There is mounting evidence to suggest that the development of locomotor and gross motor skills is associated with physical education during the early years. Children involved in physical activities like yoga or dancing from a young age experience faster development of basic movement abilities like crawling, walking and running.

The national physical activity recommendations for children younger than five years include supervised floor-based play from birth, and at least three hours of activity everyday past one year of age. Getting your child involved in planned physical activity is a great way to ensure they are supported in healthy development.

Building confidence

Developing critical motor skills is very important for encouraging confidence in young children. Notably, adequate motor skills are linked with improved cognitive, social and emotional outcomes. When it comes to physical development, children will naturally learn at different rates. A supportive environment that encourages development of critical motor skills is required for children to become confident in their abilities.

Creating lifelong healthy habits

Regular physical activity is extremely important for lifelong health and engaging in planned physical education from an early age is a great way to instill this vital habit. Studies have found that children involved in physical activity from early childhood report higher levels of enjoyment of physical activity in later life.

Getting children involved in activities like dance, movement and sports from a young age is beneficial to physical development, as well as that of social and emotional confidence.

The Early Start Programs provide a supportive environment where children engage in physical education and movement activities that help them to develop confidence and social skills for life. We connect outstanding programs with early education and care services that are committed to offering the highest quality of care. If you would like to know more about our programs and implement them at your service, get in touch with us today.

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