The minds of young children are a truly astonishing thing.

At three years of age, a child has around one thousand trillion brain connections, with seven hundred new neural connections being formed every second. During this important time, early education can make all the difference.

Connections in the brain become increasingly more complex as a child ages. But they are all built upon those simple early circuits. And as these amazing connections are being built, children display an increased capacity for learning. This time is critical, as it is far easier to teach and influence children while their brains develop than it is to rewrite their learning later on.

As children age, the vast neural connections present in their childhood will be pruned. By the time they reach adolescence, the number of brain connections will be cut in half. With this short-lived, but incredible capacity for learning, it is no wonder that those exposed to early learning are more likely to have an IQ higher than ninety at the age of five (Start Strong, NSW Department of Education, 2017).

The cognitive benefits to early learning are remarkable, but perhaps the most important skills children develop at an early education environment are emotional and social skills. Through interactive education, children learn to bond socially, process their emotions and deal with stress. Primary school teachers report that children who have attended early childhood education and care services are more socially and emotionally developed, which helps them transition to school.

Early Start Programs

Early education is the vital foundation to children’s future development. Early Start Programs provide centres, who are committed to excellence and quality of care, with exciting and stimulating learning environments that help children develop into happy, confident people.

If you would like to implement the Early Start Programs at your service, give us a call or contact us today. We partner with outstanding providers of extracurricular activities such as sports, yoga, music, and foreign languages, and organise them as weekly incursion programs at your service.

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children during Hey Dee Ho Music session as part of Early Start Programs