Our article ‘Have fun! Move and play every day!’ was featured in ACA Queensland’s Early Edition magazine – Autumn 2018.

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Article: Have Fun! Move and play every day! published in ACA Qld's Early Edition Magazine Autumn 2018



That’s the advice from the Australian Government Department of Health with the release of their “Australian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years” in late 2017.

The guidelines include a picture of what a child’s day during a 24-hour period may look like including not just active play, but essential sleep and rest requirements.  The guidelines specifically look at babies (under 1yrs of age), toddlers (1-2yrs) and pre-schoolers (3-5yrs), however guidelines have also been developed for 5-12yrs, 13-17yrs and 18-64yrs so everyone can benefit with useful tips and recommendations across the ages!

“Don’t be restricted by your environment – you can be safe and active in all seasons, in all weather, indoors and outdoors. Remember play can involve other children, adults or the child alone.”

As educators we are in the prime position to educate both families and children to develop healthy habits and while changing a routine may seem difficult, positive changes can be gradually introduced.  Include stretching or games like “statues” before you transition and don’t just set up obstacle courses – get actively involved and join in with the children to encourage participation.  Active play isn’t restricted to outside either, dancing, stretching, yoga, crawling and moving on the spot are all excellent ways to bring active play inside. And don’t forget to dance in the rain and stomp in the puddles, just ensure children are suitably dressed and you have alternative dry clothes!

Services wanting to extend on these learning opportunities, but need help starting, can enlist the help of external companies such as Early Start Programs to bring fitness, yoga, dance, music and foreign languages as fully inclusive incursion programs to their services daily for as low as $3.50 per child per day.

The Early Start Programs are offering a special deal for Nurture Nook readers/ACA NSW members: get a month free when you sign up for 12 months.

Services can order free resources for educators and families by visiting The Department of Health http://www.health.gov.au/internet/main/publishing.nsf/Content/pasbr or visit www.earlystartprograms for further details in our BLOG page.

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