Creative arts programs for children are an incredible way to expose them to new and unique learning experiences so they can learn new skills in a fun and relaxed manner.

Such programs have long been documented to stimulate all areas of development in young children and build self-confidence. Music, dance, and drama are fun avenues from which children learn about everyday life, health, safety, literacy, mathematical concepts and much, much more!

Learning through the creative arts is fundamental in early childhood development. These mediums ensure that learning is fun, engaging and form strong connections between the body and the brain.

Many studies have shown that music helps children learn more effectively. Through music exploration children develop:

  • Social and emotional skills including self-confidence
  • Collaboration and sharing
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Fine and gross motor skills

“Music is a channel through which all cognitive content can be taught!”

Our Partners

Hey Dee Ho Music

Children explore movement, rhythm, tempo, pitch, and dynamics, all while learning valuable life skills such as self-control, turn-taking, motor skills, and language skills.

Hey-Dee-Ho also stimulates children’s imagination and memory, and incorporate AUSLAN signing in their sessions.

Mini Maestros

Mini Maestros’ program is carefully planned and progresses as children do, and offer them a great learning environment that encourages their speech development, listening, social, and language skills.

Children are having fun as they sing, dance, and play percussion instruments.