About the Early Start Programs

Early Start Programs is born from a desire to support educators in early education and care services to deliver quality extra-curricular programs which enhance learning outcomes for children in the early years. Coming from an education background our team is dedicated to providing a seamless approach to the delivery of quality programs and choose to only partner with experienced professional providers.

Enhanced Early Learning

It is well documented that the early years are the most important in shaping a child’s life and setting them up for a successful future. Early Start Programs offer enhanced learning opportunities in a play-based environment introducing children to new languages and extending on their interaction with music and physical activity.

Early Start Programs partner with professional organisations to enhance learning outcomes in early education and care services Australia-wide. Through a smooth delivery and well designed programs, we support educators to meet the requirements of the National Quality Standards and Early Years Learning Framework.

Families attending services offering Early Start Programs can be confident that their child is receiving a well rounded start to life.

Each day your centre will receive an “incursion” which adds value to the great work already being done by your educators. Programs are delivered across all age groups by enthusiastic and experienced providers in the key target areas of creative arts, physical activity, and foreign languages.