Language Programs

While parents might think learning a foreign language is something for when children are older, studies show that the best time to get your little one involved in language programs for children is in the first three to four years of life.

At three years old, a child has around one thousand trillion brain connections, with seven hundred new neural connections being formed every second. These are severely pruned, being cut in half by the time they reach adolescence (Start Strong, NSW Department of Education, 2017).

During the early years, the foundations of thinking, language and attitudes are all laid – making them the best time for children to learn through doing and having fun in a relaxed environment.

In 2014 the Federal Government invested $9.8 million into trials to teach a second language to young children in 40 preschools across the county using an Ipad App. Our programs take this learning experience even further with language lessons from fluent speaking teachers from birth to school age!

“My little boy comes home singing in Italian. I love the fact that he is being exposed to a range of things that I would not have been able to myself.” Parent testimonial.


Our partners from LCF Fun Languages teach children languages through a combination of storytelling, drama, technology, songs, craft, and games, with the objective of developing children’s self-confidence so they can communicate quickly and naturally in foreign languages. We offer age-appropriate Spanish, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, German, and Japanese classes.